Eyes and Ears of Teacup Pigs


You might not know about this fact but teacup pigs have poor eyesight. Many people don’t know about this fact and think that their pet has some specific trouble, but it is with the case of every animal. You will observe some sticky or brownish water coming out of their eyes and it is a normal thing. Too much of this fluid can be a trouble, but normally, teacup pigs do get brown tears, which can be wiped away with a warm cloth.

Eyes and Ears of Teacup PigsYou can even find the brown spots on their bedding area (blankets and bedding) and it is due to the wetness produced in their eyes. Pigs spending their daytime in outdoor areas usually have this kind of issue and it is quite normal. They are prone to getting dust in the eyes, which makes the tears brown. There are some pigs having Entropiana (eye condition having the lashes laid on the eyes). This condition can be rectified with a minor surgical procedure by veterinary doctor.


Pig ears can get wax inside them and it is very normal. Don’t clean too deep inside the pig’s ears and use a soft hand towel or antiseptic wipe to clear off the wax. Don’t use any ear bud or cleaner as it can harm the inside ear area. The wax catches up dust and other particles into the ears. There is no need to put liquid in the pig ears for cleaning as it can make them attain serious problems.

Pool bath is great for teacup pets and if they need cooling down during hot days, you should make sure that water doesn’t get into their ears. Also, at the time of giving bath, you should make sure that water doesn’t get into the ears of pig. It will create balance issues for the pet and it might get headache.