Skin and Hair of your Teacup Pet

Skin and Hair of your Teacup PetTeacup pigs are highly social creatures having small size and weight between 30-80 pounds and height of around 1 foot. The adult teacup pig grows max to the size of a small sized dog. The skin of these animals is usually dry and you don’t have to give them bath daily. You can brush them as they have regular hair on the skin and not furs (like dogs). Hence, there are no issues related to allergic reactions, which is a problematic issue for many other pets. If you apply oil or moisturizer on the body of a pig, make sure that you take very little amount and don’t get them too greasy. It can even clog their skin pores and cause slipperiness in the body parts. Coconut oil is a good option for application on the body of these teacup piggies.

Teacup pigs have hair on the body and not fur. The hair on the body is hard and dense, but they don’t fall off much. So, there is not much mess in your house. Your pig will probably shed the hair once in year. They can also get this in stages. The shedding will begin and you will be able to know about it. It usually happens on the onset of spring season. The weather goes warm and the skin starts getting changes. It is an itching condition for your teacup pig and you will notice that they try to itch on the walls, furniture, trees, bedding or other areas around.

You need to keep your pet hydrated and help them to pull off the hair gently from the body. It will make them easy. Regular combing on their hair can also turn off the unwanted material and they will get easy eradication of extra hair. Make sure that you keep their bedding clean to avoid any skin troubles for them.