Teacup Pig Bath

Teacup pigs are nano sized pigs having a cute body structure. These pets have hair on their skin and can be cleaned by regular brushing. These animals don’t require too much washing as their skin is very dry. You can damp them with a few drops of organic coconut oil or wheat germ oil for keeping their skin healthy. However, there is not too much greasing required for their skin. The regular body temperature of a teacup pig is 102 degrees, which is much warmer. Hence, too much bathing can cause health issues for them. You can coat their skin with oil for moisturizing it.

Newborn piggies require very gentle bath. You can begin their bathing session by keeping them in a tub or sink and making the teacup pig very comfortable. There should be shallow water put inside the tub or sink to avoid it getting into ears. It should wet the body of the animal and in the initial phases, antiseptic drops can be put inside the water for bath. The water for bathing should be warm and not cold as the body temperature is warm and the pigs will get problems with too cold water.

The pig will be merged in water and you should keep on talking to them while bathing them. Make sure that you place a non-slippery mat under the pig when they are bathing to avoid the chances of falling down. Coconut oil after bath will make their skin supple, but apply only a few drops to avoid oiliness in the skin. There are many gentle pet shampoos available and you can use them on the skin and after bath, comb the hair with a pet grooming brush.

Your pig can remain healthy if you are following right ways for their upbringing. One bath in 7-10 days is sufficient to keep the tiny pig clean.